Federal Funds Earmarked for the ADHS and Not Obligated by Sept 30, 2011
State/Commonwealth of: AL
StateName of the ActSection in the ActADHS CorridorFHWA Approp. CodeDescriptionTotal Amount of Federal Funds AuthorizedTotal Amount of Federal Funds Not Obligated
ALTEA-211602 X Q92 Appalachian Regional Corridor X-1 Birmingham North Beltline 28,053,895 8,771,879
ALPL 105-66 Transportation Appropriations Act 1998PL 105-66V & X 54CAppalachain Regional Corridor V and X40,000,00010,433.85
ALPL 106-346 2001 DOT Appropriations Act378X4420Appalachian Regional Corridor X from SR-25 near Fulton, MS to US-31 in Birmingham, AL99,780,0007,842.06
ALPL 108-7 2003 Omnibus Appropriations ActPL 108-7X 54JAppalachian Regional Corridor X 29,805,000 2,199.13
ALPL 108-199 Transportation, Treasury, and Independent Agency Act115X1H170Appalachian Regional Corridor X-1 Birmingham North Beltline2,000,0001,750,000
ALPL 109-59 SAFETEA-LU1702X1HY10 LY10Appalachian Regional Corridor X-1 Birmingham North Beltline8,011,8008,011,800