Appalachian Corridor Segment Descriptions
State/Commonwealth of: AL
StateCorridorPrincipal Existing Route NumbersDescriptionEligible (miles)Ineligible (miles)Order
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ALVSR-24, SR-67, SR-20/ALT. US-72From Mississippi State line near Red Bay to 2.7 Miles west of SR-3/US-3169.6 1
ALVSR-20/ALT. US-72From 2.7 miles west of SR-3/US-31 to south end of Tennessee River Bridge 2.72
ALVSR-3/US-31From south end of Tennessee River Bridge to SR-20/Alt. US-72 east and SR-3/US-31 intersection2 3
ALVSR-20/ALT. US-72From SR-20/Alt. US-72 east and SR-3/US-31 intersection to I-65/I-565 interchange 34
ALVSR-2/US-72From end of I-565, SR-2, and US-72 at Andrew Jackson Way to Ryland4.8 5
ALVSR-2/US-72From Ryland to south of Dug Hill Road 2.16
ALVSR-2/US-72From Old Guntersville Highway to east of SR-35 2.27
ALVSR-2/US-72From south of Dug Hill Road to Old Guntersville Highway30.8 8
ALVSR-2/US-72From east of SR-35 to Alabama/Tennessee State line28.2 9
ALXSR-4/US-78From Mississippi line to SR-3/US-31 in Birmingham95.3 10